Location - Bangalore, India
Dates - Last week of June 2014
Dojos represented - Bangalore, Mumbai, California and Texas

It was amazing to work pretty much in the same dojo floor where many of us got our initial grades and remember old time stories. We (Ramesh and Mahipal) still constantly say "Damo Arigato Sastri Sensei" for the gift of laying that strong that spirit two branches of Kaze Arashi Ryu - Wind Storm Aiki Jujutsu (Kaze Arashi Ryu) - Bangalore, Indiaand Mountain View Aikijujutsu got together for a few sessions of both private classes and group classes in Bangalore recently. Two branches of the same tree - a foundation laid byClaire Sastri / Srinivasan Sastri Sensei, Menkyo Kaiden, head of the Indian League and Sr. Advisor to the Kita Yama Dojo.

Sensei Ramesh Rao flew down from Mumbai to spend time with the MVAK students ( Jeevan C. Gowda and Allan Johnson) and Mahipal Lunia Sensei. Ramesh and Mahipal Senseis spent time alone working on Kaiden level forms and worked in group settings with others.

In group settings advanced Oku Iri forms were shown by Ramesh Sensei to the visiting students, while Mahipal Sensei worked with the Bangalore students on Yawara Holds and Self Defense principles. Later Mahipal Sensei also shared knife work and advanced Taisabaki with the MVAK students privately.

Lastly some older students visited with us privately, and were shown some kokyu ho methods.

Thanks Wind Storm India for hosting us and allowing us to share some of our methods too.

MVAK/Mahipal Lunia Sensei