Path Of The Warrior-Scholar

Path Of The Warrior-Scholar

  • Mahipal Lunia Sensei has the rare qualities of being both an excellent and proficient student and teacher; and he is an understanding and compassionate teacher… One student is not compared to another and the best qualities of each are brought forth and encouraged… If you have a love for martial arts and a thirst for new adventure join the only school I know of which combines these themes.
    — Srinivasan Sastri Sensei, Menkyo Kaiden, Phoenix, AZ
  • I have found a place which my son now really enjoys going to… This is the only dojo I found that focuses not only on how to have better technique, but how to be a better person as well.
    — Archana K., Sunnyvale, CA
  • It is really a class where my teenage son is developing as a person, physically, mentally and spiritually. He is gaining confidence and strength. For the first time ever, he is self-motivated and taking personal responsibility for attending and progressing in a sport.
    — Julie S., Los Altos, CA
  • The instruction was based on natural principles that I have been able to apply to all areas of my life.
    — Peter D., Sioux Falls, SD
  • My son who is now eight years old got exposed to deep philosophy that was taught in a manner that he could relate to and internalize. He will carry those understandings with him for the rest of his life. I cannot recommend this dojo highly enough.
    — Melody C., Gustine, CA
  • Sensei Lunia treats his dojo with a level of respect that one RARELY sees in everyday life. His deep and unwavering commitment to the art, and to his students, allows me to place my trust in him.
    — Mitch G., San Jose, CA