(A message from the students of Mountain View Aiki Kai)

Are you looking to hone your physical and emotional skills to stand up to bigger opponents and life’s challenges?

Are you looking to dive into your fire, to express yourself in all vitality?


As you might know, we practice a traditional Japanese martial art called Aiki Jujutsu. We’re forming training groups in our dojo with an emphasis on self-defense, to learn from the two aspects of our art: the masculine Yang path (think of it as electricity) and the feminine Yin path (think of it as magnetism).

The Yin aspect in particular leverages a woman’s natural movement instincts to work with bigger stronger opponents. You’ll learn to use your opponent’s power and earth’s energy to control opponents. To defend yourself with mundane things like pens, scarves and belts. To escape from body grabs, joint locks, controls and drops and of course, to use the same techniques exquisitely on the opponent. All this, while flowing with the opponent’s movements. The goal is to counter power with agility, groundedness and awareness.

We currently have only 3 openings for the Yin Self-defense track. We have mixed gender classes, so we not only learn all these in form, but also integrate them by practicing with other dojo mates.

As our Sensei tells us often, this art is truly more than fighting. It is practice of balancing mind and body. Strength and flow. Courage and compassion.

Lunia Sensei demonstrating how a scarf/belt could be used against a choke.

In addition, our dojo is a family, with service and contribution being its cornerstones. They are perhaps the most important lessons that Sensei would like us to take away from our training. He leads by example and all dues collected from the students go to a nonprofit cause. Every month

Finally, no matter where / what you train, here are some nuggets of wisdom that Sensei shared with us recently:

  • Fight your inner enemies, before you unleash your blade.
  • The way you train is the way you will act. How are you training?
  • Study motion and laws of nature. Leverage them.
  • Make sure your teacher is also a good human being. You will be absorbing a lot him / her.
  • Do not accept any limitations put on you by others. Choose where / how you wish to fly.

If you’ve been looking to embrace all of your priestess-queen-warrior self, drop by. We're certain you’ll leave surprised and delighted. We look forward to meeting you at our dojo.


- The students of Mountain View Aiki Kai.