Resident Faculty

Mahipal Lunia, Sensei

Menkyo, Founder of MOUNTAIN View Aiki Kai

Bay Area, California

Climber. Photographer. Mythology buff. 

Lunia Sensei weaves together his deep passion of somatics, neuroscience and mythology to his teaching of martial arts. He empowers students to connect the dots and find their personal expression of the principles he teaches.

In addition to holding ranks in Shotokan Karate,  Kenpo, Wushu and KAR, Lunia Sensei continues to be a keen student of the Aiki Arts,  Chinese Internal Martial Arts (CIMA)  and Filipino Martial Arts (FMA).


Ben Thul, Sensei


Bay Area, California

Puzzle geek. Science podcast enthusiast.

Originally from Minnesota, Thul Sensei moved to the Bay Area in 2015, along with his affable dry wit. He has been training under Lunia Sensei and assisting him with the dojo since. Thul Sensei's strong emphasis on form and applications of the system gets students eager and motivated to learn the mechanics of the art.

His current field of study is with MVAK.


Visiting Faculty

Henri-Robert Vilaire, Sensei

Menkyo Kaiden
Shinan / Presenter of the System


Master gardener. 

Being the Shinan (similar to headmaster) of the system, Vilaire Sensei is the authentic voice of the traditions of KAR. Despite being a teacher's teacher, Vilaire Sensei makes his profound wisdom accessible to students of all levels. 

Vilaire Sensei also holds high ranks in Taiji, Bagua Qigong and Jujutsu.



Srinivasan Sastri, Sensei

MENKYO KAIDEN - head of the Indian league


Aeronautical engineer. Master carpenter. Musician.

Sastri Sensei's teaching of martial arts through the lens of physics and natural laws, coupled with his unassuming and loving personality, captivate students, beginners and experts alike. 

Sastri Sensei holds high ranks in other arts viz. Isshin Ryu Karate, Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Aikido.